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I'm a content writer, and love painting pictures with words (also painting pictures with paint!) My writing style can range from professional to conversational. It can be fun, informative and well-researched. Ready for long and short form. If you're looking for a voice, I'll help you find it. If you've already got a one, I'll stick to it and grow it. You pick it, I'll write it.


It's been quite a journey!

I'm a classically trained artist and illustrator. I've worked in voice over and as an elementary school teacher. 

Yet, all through it, I've been writing. Truly, there's nothing better for me that creating an experience through words.  Doesn't matter if it's telling a story, selling a brand, creating choppy, clickable fun for Instagram. Whatever it is, doggonit, I'm hooked!  

Words are magical. They can transport the mind, or they can communicate data in the most succinct way possible.  Either way, and every way in between, I love what good writing can do!

I've worked for design firms, bottled water companies, Apple product sellers, travel magazines, banks, and the list goes on. 

Let’s write the future together!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+1 323 595 4819

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